Why Australian Kunzea Oil?

Kunzea ambigua plant

Australian Kunzea is a natural treasure when it comes to essential oils. It could potentially be the greatest essential oil Australia has ever produced. It is derived from the terminal branches of the kunzea ambigua plant. Kunzea ambigua is part of the Myrtaceae family and has been discovered to have numerous therapeutic benefits.

Kunzea ambigua, also known as "White Cloud", "Tasmanian Kunzea" and "Tick Bush", is a tall shrub, up to three metres in height, with abundant white flowers and is native to the cooler coastal areas of Australia (Southern New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania). It grows profusely in the wild, especially in Tasmania and the Bass Strait islands.

What is Kunzea Essential Oil used for?

Over the last 30 years, a good number of studies have reported therapeutic uses of Kunzea essential oil when used to help a variety of common ailments. This has led to Kunzea oil having been listed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for the following therapeutic claims:

  1. Temporary relief of the pain of arthritis
  2. Relief of the symptoms of influenza/flu
  3. Relief of muscular aches and pains
  4. Helps relieve nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety
  5. Temporary relief of the pain of rheumatism

    What makes Kunzea Oil unique?

    While many of us are familiar with common essential oils such as Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Lemon, Australia Kunzea is one native essential oil that is often forgotten and its powerful properties are only known by very few people.

    It is the organic composition of Australian Kunzea that makes it so unique. It has a high content of five important sesquiterpene compounds, with a typical analysis of the major components as follows:

    • Alpha-pinene 52%
    • 1,8 cineole 12%
    • Alpha-terpineol 2%
    • Bicyclogermacrene 4.4%
    • Globulol 7.6%
    • Viridiflorol 6.8%

    Most active ingredients in pain relief products simply numb the pain. Australian Kunzea is different because it works to relax the muscle and reduce inflammation to alleviate pain, while also working to increase blood flow to calm painful nerve endings. The key components in Australian Kunzea target the source of the pain, by deeply penetrating layers of skin to help promote the body's own healing process.

        Benefits of Kunzea Oil

        Besides its various therapeutic uses, this refreshing and aromatic oil has a number of key benefits over alternative essential oils. Some Kunzea Oil benefits include:

        1. Safe and suitable for most skin types
        2. Organically grown (without certification) in Tasmania
        3. Helps decrease inflammation and pain
        4. Aromatically uplifting and invigorating

          Kunzea Oil Facts

          Common Names: Australian Kunzea, Tick Bush, White Kunzea, Tasmanian Kunzea, Ducane Kunzea, White Cloud

          Genus & Species Names: Kunzea ambigua

          Plant Family: Myrtaceae

          Country of Origin: Tasmania, Australia

          Aroma: Clean, fresh and medicinal, with a touch of spice

          Essential Oil Extraction Method: 100% Pure Essential Oil obtained by steam distillation of the hardy scrub, kunzea ambigua

          Shelf Life: 2-3 years

          Plant Parts Used: Terminal branches, including leaves, small stems, and seed bolls

          Uses: It can also be used in an oil burner, vaporiser, bath, massage oil, spa, saunas, potpourri and room deodorisers

          Caution: As with most essential oils, it is not recommended that you apply the oil undiluted to the skin unless advised by a healthcare practitioner. Instead, we would recommend using Zea Relief Products when applying to the skin.