Tasmania's Best Kept Pain-Relieving Secret!

Zea Relief is the world’s first 100% natural product range to contain the therapeutic
and pain-relieving benefits of Australian Kunzea Essential Oil

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Have you heard of Australian Kunzea Oil?

Australian Kunzea is a natural treasure when it comes to essential oils. It is wild-harvested in the rough terrain of Tasmania and derived from the terminal branches of the kunzea ambigua plant (Myrtaceae family). Kunzea oil has a naturally clean and fresh aroma, often compared to the native scent of the Australian bush.

Kunzea oil targets sore joints, and the aches and pains caused by arthritis, by being absorbed through the skin to target areas of inflammation. It is there that the active components of the oil trigger the body’s own healing process to relax the muscles, ease the pain and increase mobility.

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It helped Elizabeth!

"I have been using the Kunzea Cream for two years and the relief is instant! I've recommended it to a friend who had neck surgery and the pain relief she had is amazing. Thank you for this wonderful product!"

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Backed by Clinical Testing

A variety of Australian Kunzea Oil has been classified as a ‘Therapeutic Good’ and is listed with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

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Non-Burning & Non-Greasy

Our Zea Relief products are safe to apply directly to the skin and are particularly beneficial to those who have sensitive skin or suffer from an inflammatory skin conditions.

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Natural Alternative to Pain Relief

This Essential Oil is one of the most cherished, yet lesser-known, oils derived from native Australian plants.