Success Stories

Over the last five years we have had a lot of great feedback from our customers about how Australian Kunzea Oil in all our products have helped enhance their lives. Keep reading to learn more about some our Zea Lovers experiences:

Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia and Gout

"My girlfriend told me about your product, knowing I suffer from Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia. Since trying it I can now say I'm so impressed! My hubby has been using it on his gout foot, and it has relieved so many joints and muscles. I'm telling everyone! If you ever need a spokesperson I am very happy to say how great Zea Relief has been for me!"

- Barbara McCormack, NSW

Hip pain and skin inflammation

"Bought one jar and have subsequently ordered another 3 as it has helped his hip movement tremendously. He had a rash on his arm and after applying Kunzea Cream to his hip, absentmindedly rubbed the rash, and low & behold it was gone in a few hours. I am going to give one jar to my daughter to see if it helps with her frozen shoulder"

- Evelyn Henshelwood, QLD


Knee Pain and Joint Problems

"I brought this recently at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. Being very cynical about all the hoo hah about how good these products are, I asked the young man if I could try it first. I rubbed it into my bad knee and walked around for about 15 minutes. I went straight back and bought 2 jars of the Kunzea Cream! I recently had a very bad fall resulting in badly bruised hands, arms and the same bad knee. I rubbed the cream in several times a day and while it didn't stop the pain completely, it certainly reduced it to a tolerable level. My partner also loves it, he rubs it into his knees daily. So after years of searching for something to help with my joint problems, I've finally found something in the cream that really works!"

- Robyn Lynette Pierce, NSW

Knee and joint pain

"I have no cartilage on the inside of my knee and the joint is bone on bone and also out of alignment. I bought a tub of Kunzea Cream to try. I have tried quite a number of other creams including one that is rated number one in America. I am walking now with no limp and no pain and can walk up and down stairs with ease. I am more than happy with this Kunzea Cream, and have already bought more. I would also rate it equal to the American one with the added bonus of it being Australian and half the price. I will definitely be using this Cream for an indefinite period of time"

- Geoff Surtees, NSW

Neck and shoulder pain

"I have been using the Kunzea Cream for a year or two. The relief is instant and so I've recommended it to a friend who had neck surgery - the pain relief she had is amazing. Thank you for this wonderful product"

- Lucy Smith, QLD

Cramps and everyday ailments

"Friends always laugh at me 'cos I keep Kunzea Cream in my handbag!! I whip it out anytime someone mentions a little niggle or pain. I also use it every lunchtime at work to stop my hands from cramping whilst typing!"

- Jessica Johnstone, QLD

Sports injury relief

"I was recently introduced to Kunzea Cream by a friend and use it after exercising. It really helps me recover quicker and relieves sports injuries and pain a lot"

- Courtney Essex, VIC

(Knee/joint pain)

"I was skeptical at first, however I tried the Kunzea Cream on my knee while walking around the Easter Show and was very impressed! I wouldn't have been able to walk around all day if I hadn't given the cream a go."

- Ronda Chew, NSW

Pinched sciatic nerve and pregnancy hip pain

"I use Kunzea Natural Balm & Roll On for my sciatic nerve pain. I have tried many other creams and oil brands, but nothing else works. I'm also pregnant with my second child and have used Kunzea Balm & Roll On during both pregnancies for hip pain and it is the only thing that helps it. It is also very hard to find something you can use while pregnant. Zea Relief is a life saver for me and it greatly helps with my chronic pain"

- Chloe Binks, NSW

Itching and burning leg pain

"I have been to doctors on several occasions with sore legs and everything I have been given to heal my legs have made them worse. I came across a gentle man at Meadow Mews Shopping Centre selling the Kunzea Oil Products and thank goodness he talked me into buying a jar of your cream. I used it before bed time and had the best night sleep I've had in a while - no itching or burning of legs! Can you please tell me where I can buy more of this amazing cream in Tasmania, PLEASE!"

- Moyah Selby, TAS

Knee/joint pain

"I'm onto my third jar of Kunzea Cream and it's just the best thing. Initially I bought it for my arthritic knees. I rub it in each morning and within about 5 minutes I can feel the knee 'loosen' up - that's the only way I can describe oiling an old bike! I have also recently used it under my breast for chaffing.....within a day it was gone. I'm very happy with it. I don't usually write about things but Kunzea cream deserves it. Well done and thank you :)"

- Vicle Sim, QLD

Dried and cracked hands

"I have just heard out your product and tried it on my daughters dried and cracked hands, and within 2 days of applying the product her hands are back to normal. Thank you Zea, I am recommending your kunzea product to my friends"

- Veronica Richter, QLD

Temporary and chronic pain relief

"Wonderful cream! Many of my friends and I use the Kunzea Cream and could not live without it. It's the best thing I have found in years for pain relief"

- Janene Avery, TAS

Neck and shoulder pain

"Thanks every so much for your wonderful products - they have worked amazing for me! I am especially impressed with your roll on - my friends found it very relieving on and around her neck and shoulders"

- Sheila Stewart, QLD

Arthritis and neuropathy

"I have had excellent results with the Kunzea Cream for the last 3 years now. I use it for arthritis in my knees, hands and anywhere I hurt! I have also found it gives me considerable relief for peripheral neuropathy of the feet. I also took the Kunzea Roll On overseas with me as it is easier to slip into my handbag and I was very happy with the results"

- Frances Bamford, QLD

Lower back, knee and ankle pain

"I got very noticeable relief the first time I used the cream. My lower back, knee, and ankle. The cream is now like my 'life saver' I cannot be without it. I have since reordered the cream and roll on. Have recommended it to others"

- Yvonne Prentice, NSW

Aches and Pains

"This is a very effective product. I recommend it to all for niggling pain"

- Glennis Dick Cannon, NSW


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