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Zea Rewards Program

What is the Zea Rewards Program?

The Zea Rewards Program is a FREE rewards program that rewards loyal customers who have chosen to include us on their wellness journey! 
Every time you make a purchase at www.zearelief.com, you earn reward points that can then be redeemed on future online purchases.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by clicking here. All you need to give us is your full name and email address and we will do the rest!
We value your privacy and will only use your email address in accordance with our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

How do I earn points and discounts?

Sign up
You can earn points by signing up to our program and purchasing our products. 
For every dollar you spend, you receive points in your account for you to redeem however you like! The points are calculated based on your order total excluding coupons, discounts, shipping and taxes.
$1 spent = 2 points and there’s no maximum on how many you can accumulate.
Other ways
Go to the Zea Rewards Panel on our website and click 'Ways to Earn' to see a few other ways you can earn points, including liking us on Facebook, referring a friend, sharing a post about Zea on Facebook, following us on Instagram and sharing your birthday details.
Please note, you need to enter your birthday details at least 30 days before your special day to be awarded points, and all these actions have to be done directly through the Zea Rewards Panel in order to add points to your account.
For referrals, your referred friend needs to place their purchase of $30+ using the referral code before you'll be awarded the special discount code via email. The referred friend's name also shouldn't be the same as your own.
In the future, we will also be launching additional ways you can earn points.
Watch the video below to see how the Zea Rewards referral works:
Zea Rewards Program Points

Can I earn points by buying products in-store or at an event Zea is at?

At this stage, points can only be redeemed at www.zearelief.com. We cannot allocate points for purchases made in-store at a retailer or at an event Zea is exhibiting. 

Do my points expire?

Points expire within 12 months if you have not placed an order. If you do place an order within 12 months, the point expiration date will be extended another 12 months.

How do I use my points?

Redeeming your points is easy! All you need to do is log into your account every time you make an online purchase and at the checkout follow the prompts to redeem your chosen amount.
A balance of 500 points earns you $5 off, 1,000 points earns you $10 off, and so on!
Please note that you must have a minimum balance of 500 points and minimum order value of $30 to use your discount.
If you have 500+ points you'd like to use, you can view your points in the Rewards Panel and choose the amount of points you'd like to redeem as a reward. If you turn your points into a reward, but don't use them, you can go to the 'Rewards' section of the Rewards Panel and apply the code to your cart the next time you place an order. You'll see that your points balance has decreased, this is because they have been used to turn into a Reward code. Please note, at this time we cannot combine multiple reward coupons into one, therefore they will have to be used separately.
Watch the video below to see how the Zea Rewards panel works:

I've earned points as a guest without an account - how do I use my points?

In order to use your points, you will need to create an account first.

Is the Zea Rewards Program available to customers outside of Australia?

Yes! We are so excited to offer this program globally, so no matter where you are based in the world, you can earn and redeem points with ease. 

If I request a refund and have used points to make the purchase, will I be given the points back?

Yes, if you return a product in accordance with our Refund Policy, your points will be added back into your account by our Customer Service team. If you earned points from your returned purchase, those points will be automatically deducted according to the amount refunded.

If I forget to use my points at checkout, can I change my order?

Unfortunately, we cannot apply points to orders you’ve already placed.

Can I use my points with other coupon codes and promotions?

No, points cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, such as coupon codes and/or promotions. 
From time to time, we send our lovely customers promotions and discounts on our wide range of products. If you choose to take us up on any of these offers, points cannot be redeemed at the same time. 

Have more questions?

We’re happy to help! Contact our friendly team at support@zearelief.com.

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