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Kunzea Essential Oil - 10mL


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Kunzea is a Tasmanian Native with a clean, fresh, invigorating aroma. It is steam distilled from the Kunzea ambigua plant that is a member of Myrtaceae Family.

Kunzea is a Tasmanian Native with a clean, fresh, invigorating aroma. It is steam distilled from the Kunzea ambigua plant that is a member of Myrtaceae Family.

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If you have been following us for a while, you would know that we are huge proponents of Australian Kunzea Oil - and for good reason! This Australian Native is commonly touted ‘Tasmania’s Best-Kept Natural Secret’ and it is the signature essential oil in our Zea Relief Kunzea Product Range.

Kunzea is endemic to Australia and primarily grows in North-East Tasmania. It is steam distilled from the Kunzea ambigua plant that is a member of Myrtaceae (or Myrtle Family).

Aromatically, Kunzea Oil has a pleasant scent with clean, fresh, invigorating undertones. The aroma is often compared to the scent of the Australian Bush.

Therapeutically, Kunzea may have even more beneficial properties than its better-known cousin Tea Tree. In addition, it has a much milder sensation when applied to the skin. Kunzea Oil may also help to reduce pain and relieve inflammation. To learn more about its therapeutic benefits, read our blog Benefits of Australian Kunzea Essential Oil

If you haven’t used before, we strongly encourage you to give this remarkable essential oil a try

Blending with Kunzea

Kunzea is a versatile essential oil that blends particularly well with Australian Natives such as Eucalyptus, Lemon Myrtle, Fragonia, Sandalwood and Rosalina. 

Kunzea is a key ingredient in two of our essential oil blends:


Australian Kunzea Essential Oil is best used in an aroma diffuser, bath, massage oil, potpourri or room deodoriser. As with any essential oil, you should be cautious when applying Kunzea directly to the skin. 

The pure essential oil is most commonly used to treat small wounds, minor burns, and fungal infections. Inhalation may relieve sinus pain and anxiety.

For those looking to relieve painful joints, muscles or skin inflammation, we would recommend trying one of the other products in our Australian Kunzea Range - all of which contain the natural benefits of Kunzea Oil. 

Typical Organic Composition

Australian Kunzea Essential Oil has a unique organic composition, with a high content of important sesquiterpene compounds. A typical analysis of the major components is as follows:

alpha-pinene = 39.9
1,8-cineole = 15.8
globulol = 11.9
viridifloral = 9.4
bicyclogermacrene = 5.1 
spathulenol = 2.9


For external use only.
Avoid contact with eyes. 
Keep out of reach of children.
Non-toxic and non-irritant.
Store below 30°C in a dry place away from direct sunlight.
If ailment persists seek medical advice.

These safety guidelines are not a complete safety reference for the proper use of essential oils. When in doubt, consult your physician and/or a qualified and trained aromatherapy practitioner.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews

This product is amazing. If i have any aches or pain,,as soon as i rub this in,there gone. It is a oil that i will always have in my collection.

Bottle of relief

Have found this essential oil to be of high quality and extremely good for eczema and skin issues. Such as relief!

Miracle oil

I’ve had a dodgy thumb for ages from crocheting, and after reading the reviews for Kunzea oil I thought I’d try it. I have tried a few different balms and creams and they didn’t really do much. I’ve made a balm out of the oil, and have been using it 2-3 times a day and I can straighten my thumb more than I have been able to for months and months! Looking forward to seeing more improvements over time. Thank you, Zea Relief!

Very happy!

When I finally received my order (no fault of the supplier, rather the inadequacies of Australia Post!) I was really pleased with my purchase. I specifically bought the Breathe Easy Essential Oil for my husband, who has been suffering a nagging bronchial condition for a while. He loves it and says it certainly helps him to sleep better and that even when his condition has improved, he wants to keep using it. I have been using the Kunzea Essential Oil and find it a very refreshing, relaxing experience. The customer service has been exemplary and I will certainly be ordering more from Zea RELIEF.

Great product.

Excellent service and excellent product.


10 drops in a 10ml rollerball applied to my arthritic big toe and pain is gone for hours. Tried other oils but for me this one is the best.

Kunza Essential Oil

Love the kunza oil , use it in my diffuser , has a lovely fragrance & also use it on my bracelet for healing, very satisfied with the Zea products.


Excellent product, will definitely purchase again!

Kunzea oil

Bought 10ml bottle to try, had very sore arm and leg muscles from mowing, added about 4 drops into some handcream and massaged in. Instant muscle pain relief. Decided to rub some onto my bunions, was amazed next day they were half the size and big toes more flexible. Will be buying more. A great product. Thank you.


Worked amazingly on my husbands back