Winter is here: Tips to relieving pain during the colder months

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The 1st of July is with us, winter has set in, and for those of you who have aches and pains, you will have started to notice increased aggravation due to the colder conditions. By this stage any anti-inflammatory relief will be well received!

As a Naturopath I am seeing increasingly growing numbers of people who are plagued by arthritis, fibromyalgia and degenerative joint problems - the following tips can help alleviate some of your pain.


  • Reduce acidic foods and increase alkaline foods
  • Drink lots of water
  • Avoid too much alcohol, caffeine and sugar based drinks


  • Fish oil
  • Turmeric (can also be used as a natural spice when cooking or juicing)


  • Apply Kunzea Cream or Kunzea Roll On 2-3 x daily to obtain the natural anti-inflammatory benefits of Australian Kunzea Oil
  • Epsom salt baths also help to relax muscles, which if contracted can pull on joints and aggravate pain

Wishing you a happy and pain-free July!

Warmest Regards,
Michelle Brass ND

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